engineered quartz


Engineered quartz is a mixture of grounded natural quartz (about 90 %), polyester resin (10%) and pigment. Such material retains the appearance and texture of natural stone, but is significantly more durable and non-porous. It is shock and scratch resistant, doesn’t absorb liquid, and is easily cleaned and maintained. Engineered quartz can be used indoors as well as outdoors (in warm climates), the range of colours and patterns is very big.



Quartz will look great as dining table surface, as coffee table top or as console cladding. It will definitely add to elegance and freshness in any home or office space. Quartz suits well for window sills and chests of drawers. Since quartz slabs are large, even big surfaces will will have just a few joints. This is especially relevant when using quartz slabs for covering walls and floors, or creating large furniture pieces in public spaces, such as reception areas, restaurants, clinics, halls or bars. You can read more about engineered quartz properties and uses.

engineered quartz properties

  1. Long life
  2. Hygienic
  3. Non-porous
  4. Seams are visible
  5. Non-toxic
  6. Hard
  7. Durable
  8. Resistant to stains
  9. Resistant to flame
  10. Resistant to heat up to 80ºC
  11. Resistant to wear
  12. Resistant to UV rays
  13. Easy cleaning and maintaining
  14. No sealing required

engineered quartz is used for


Kitchen worktops

Bathroom vanities

Wall cladding

Window sills

Swimming pools

SPA and wet rooms




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engineered quartz examples in home interior