solid surface (Acrylic stone)


Solid surface (acrylic stone) is a mixture of natural stone elements and acrylic resin. About 2 parts of this solid, homogeneous and non-porous material is composed of crushed to dust natural stone pieces and bauxite (aluminium ore composed of aluminium hydroxides, iron oxides, and silicon oxides), and 1 part of acrylic resin (PMMA).



The unique properties of acrylic stone are highly valued by professionals. Designers like the endless range of its colours and patterns; stone workers prefer it because of easy manufacturing and ability to flex when exposed to very high temperature (thermo-forming). This material can be used to create non-standard stone products of various designs and shapes, and is intended for use in private and public areas, both indoors and outdoors.


solid surface properties

  1. Long life
  2. Hygienic
  3. Resistant to stains
  4. Hard to put on fire
  5. Resistant to up to 80 °C heat
  6. Resistant to wear
  7. Resistant to UV rays
  8. Solid (finished product forms one piece)
  9. Non-porous
  10. Seams are invisible (final product looks like one piece)
  11. Easy to clean, to maintain, and to repair
  12. Non-toxic
  13. Hard
  14. Durable
  15. Lends to thermo-forming
  16. Some colours are translucent 
  17. Relatively warm, pleasant touch
  18. No sealing required

solid surface is used for


Kitchen worktops

Bathroom vanities and bath tubs


Shower trays, walls and capsules

Interior and exterior wall cladding

Furniture facades and doors

Swimming pools

SPA and wet rooms

Window sills

Reception desks

Bar tables


Food zones

Medical zones


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