Which artificial stone material to choose?


While creating modern homes you will definitely hear about artificial stone countertops that require little maintenance, but look stylish and hi-end. They don’t absorb liquids, they are easy to clean, and the color palette is almost limitless. These materials are suitable not only for horizontal surfaces, such as tables, baths, washbasins or window sills, but also for vertical surfaces, such as walls and furniture facades. These materials are used to build bars and receptions of impressive shapes and designs, as well as other pieces and accessories in public spaces.


What will be the purpose of your product? What aesthetic properties do you expect? When you know the answers to these questions it will be much easier to decide on the material. Should your piece be acrylic, quartz or sintered? If you need a bathroom countertop, acrylic stone will probably be the most convenient choice, as the sink can be easily thermo-formed from the same slab as your vanity and be integrated into it without any noticeable joints. Side protections from water splashes can also be fabricated into the vanity without no visible seams. They can be of all shapes and sizes, any thickness, and on any side or edge you desire. Need integrated drainage zone? No problem. The final product will be solid, without any gaps to accumulate for dust or dirt. Acrylic stone is also excellent material for fabricating elegantly shaped receptions and unique furniture pieces.


If you are thinking of a kitchen countertop or kitchen island, engineered quartz surface will look great and will last a long time. In the Nordic countries, engineered quartz has been the prevailing trend for many years, no other material has surpassed quartz in the kitchen. Engineered quartz suites well for living room tables and and other horizontal furniture surfaces. Quartz window sills, tops of the chests of drawers, bar countertops and other surfaces look really great. Do you need to chop meat on your countertop or burn bonfires? Then sintered stone will fit the purpose better.


Sintered stone is a very good choice for decorating fireplaces (acrylic stone and quartz is not suitable for that). Sintered stone can be used even in high-traffic areas for cladding stairs, floors, or walls. Because it does not absorb liquids and is resistant to UV rays, sintered stone is suitable for facades, it does not need to be sealed, no matter where the product will be placed. Cold and even icing is not a threat for it. The furniture covered with sintered stone panels will look great. Such a space will look airy, modern, minimalistic, neat. Thin sintered stone plates is also a good material for furniture facades and accessories.


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