Pictures of completed projects from stone and engineered materials

Here are some pictures that will let you peek into private homes, offices and large business centres where different types of stone projects have been carried out. Check out how natural stone and engineered stone items look in real life. Browsing through these photographs will help you decide on the type of material you prefer, and on the design you want to choose for your next project.


Engineered quartz worktops and fabricators in the Baltics


Acrylic stone sinks can be seamlessly integrated in solid surface worktops


Which engineered stone material fits best for your bathtub


Shower pads and walls from natural and artificial stone can be produced in Lithuania


Natural and engineered stone windowsills can serve as extension to kitchen worktops


Kitchen islands will look elegant and modern when clad in thin engineered stone panels


Which stone natural or engineered fits better for coffee table


Natural granite or marble stairs can be substituted for sintered stone clad stairs


Night tables and other home furniture from natural and artificial stone in Lithuania


Who can fabricate natural stone decoration walls and partitions in the Baltics


Sintered stone and granite are mostly used materials for fireplace decorating


Marble floor is not so resistant to wearing as engineered sintered stone floor


Onyx makes excellent choice for creating a transparent reception in hotels or business centres


Onyx natural stone bar can be backlit


Natural stone home accessoires


Which stone material shouls I choose for cladding my house facade


Which stone is most resistant to mold, water and extreme heat so that it can be installed in saunas and swimming pools


Solid surface countertops for medical institutions

Some increasing trends in our region this year are sleek decorative walls and partitions from wide format porcelain and ceramic slabs, elegant and minimalistic engineered quartz windowsills, and dramatically patterned fireplace surrounds from natural and sintered stone. For architectural projects in public places, the most popular material is acrylic solid surface. No wonder - these surfaces are virtually maintenance-free!

You'll be surprised how well acrylic solid surface works in hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and health clinics. Worktops made from Corian, StaronMeganite, Grandex and other brands of solid surface do not release chemical compounds into environment, so allergy sufferers can have such furniture at home. Acrylic stone products meet all hygiene requirements for restaurants and medical facilities. Hospitals and surgery rooms are often equipped with sinks and tables made of acrylic solid surface.

Corian solid surface logo
Gforma lieto akmens apdirbėjas logotipas
Arsenalas akmens apdirbėjai logotipas
Akmens apdirbėjas Veritas Ana logotipas
Akrilinio akmens gamintojas Staron logotipas

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