furniture tops, facades and shelves from stone

Opinion: furniture with stone details


Just replace the top panel of your console with a sheet of marble, quartzite or travertine, and you will be surprised by the visual effect! Natural stone details make any piece of furniture to stand out from the crowd. Your home will look even more impressive if the new stone panel matches the fireplace, floors, windowsills or walls. Living in a home like this will definitely make you feel more satisfied. Moreover, you may find yourself proud because of releasing your own interior designer's creativity.


A marble furniture top will add to the space a touch of classic luxury. Marble surfaces in the living room or bedroom require much less maintenance than marble stairs or marble kitchen worktop would. In the zones away from kitchen areas, marble's fragility, porosity, and its sensitivity to acid liquids are less important. There are plenty of areas at home where marble items can be both, beautiful and practical. 


Cover your night table with a translucent onyx sheet and put a LED strip underneath, and you'll transform it into beautifully glowing night light. Add onyx sides to the same table, and you will have a bigger glowing "night light", a true piece of art. Onyx furniture details are popular in the lobbies of luxurious business centres, hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars. 


Some luxurious quartzite slabs can also transmit light. And then, there are exotic gemstones! Exotic gemstone slabs are usually more or less translucent, depending on the type of stones they are made up of. Can you imagine a translucent console table of blue agate, purple amethyst, pink quartzite? Red jasper, green amazonite, brown tiger's eye furniture looks dramatic too, though these exotic slabs are not translucent. Each gemstone panel is a one-off work of art. 


If you like more reserved look than a lavish gemstone style, then granite, travertine or sandstone can touch your heart. Granite topped furniture is perfect for any high-traffic area. Granite surfaces are hard, durable, scratch-resistant and less acid-sensitive than marble. They are resistant to temperature changes, and suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. Granite slabs can come in fantastic colours and patterns. 


Travertine and sandstone tops look nice on different styles of furniture. These stone types particularly fit in interiors that aim to convey modesty. Their reserved luxury does't fall to sight at the first glance. Travertine and sandstone furniture tops have a warm, cosy look. Like other natural stone products, travertine surfaces need to be impregnated. It is also advisable to seal the tiny travertine holes with a special filler. 


A practical alternative to natural stone furniture tops is artificial stone. Man-made stone surfaces are non-porous and resistant to water, therefore very easy to clean and maintain. They do not need to be impregnated. Furniture pieces fabricated from just 12-20 mm thick engineered quartz slabs look fantastic. Artificial stone sheets for furniture cladding can be even thinner. The whole furniture piece can be clad with ultra-thin 6-10 mm thick sintered stone, porcelain or ceramic sheets. Such furniture items look modern and elegant. 


The hardest and most scratch-resistant artificial stone type that tolerates maximum wear and external impact is sintered stone. The softest, but flexible and particularly suitable in irregularly formed spaces is acrylic solid surface. Acrylic stone can be used to fabricate the most unusually shaped furniture pieces - oval, round, wavy, curved - whatever form you can imagine. No matter how big or angular, the final furniture item from acrylic solid surface will be seamless, all its constituent parts will be joined with no visible marks.  

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