home accessories from natural and engineered stone

Opinion: home accessories from stone


Just think of interior accessories made of natural stone! By adding marble, quartzite, travertine or granite details to your home you will make it stand out. Your living space will look even more tuned and polished if those small details match your fireplace, floors, window sills and tabletops. With a home like this, you'll enjoy the aesthetics and impress your guests.


By choosing marble accessories, you will bring home a touch of classic luxury. Be it a marble lamp base or a shade for chandelier, it will prove itself in any form. Marble shelves and niche surrounds look very stylish on the walls. Marble details in the living room or bedroom won't require too much maintenance, but will make the aesthetic difference. Marble in the spaces outside kitchen is both beautiful and practical. 


Hiding the lamp bulb under a light-conducting onyx hood will make it glow mysteriously in the evening. By installing LED strips under onyx shelves or in wall niches topped with onyx, you can turn those onyx pieces into cosy night lights. Onyx interior details are popular in the lobbies of luxury business centres, hotels, restaurants and bars. Luxurious quartzite can also be translucent. Its dramatic patterns look even more spectacular when backlit by artificial light sources. 


Then, there are exotic gemstones! Gemstone slabs are mostly translucent, depending on the type of stones they are composed of. Just imagine interior details made of translucent blue agate, purple amethyst, pink quartzite. Gorgeous (though not translucent) home accessories can be made of red jasper, green amazonite, brown tiger's eye, fossilised wood. Each gemstone slab is a one-off work of art.   


If you like modest home decorations and accessories, then granite can be your stone. Granite can come in spectacular patterns too. Travertine and sandstone are the types of stone that will also fit well in modest interiors. They can be combined with many styles of furniture and are often used in interiors that seek to create the sense of hidden luxury. Both travertine and sandstone accessories will have a warm, cosy look. 


A great alternative to natural stone accessories are those made from artificial stone. Artificial stone accessories are water resistant and easy to clean. They can be used in the bathroom, or on the balcony. Cabinets with thin doors made of sintered stone, acrylic stone, ceramic or porcelain are practical in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Wall niches covered with ultra-thin sheets of sintered stone and ceramic, 6-10 mm thick, look modern and elegant. 


The hardest and most resistant artificial stone material that tolerates maximum wear and tear is sintered stone. The softest but most flexible and particularly suitable for irregular, angular, oval or other shaped interior decoration items is acrylic stone. Acrylic stone can be used for the most unusual interior fittings. It is suitable for making elegant chandeliers, lamp stands, mirror bases, artistic flower pots.


Acrylic stone is a wonderful material for any accessories in kitchens and bathrooms, such as wall shelves, niche surrounds. It is moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Acrylic solid surface can be used for sink lids and cutting boards. Partition walls and radiator shields made from thin sheets of acrylic stone look beautiful. They are practical because they are easy to clean and do not curve or change shape due to humidity and temperature differences. All types of artificial stone are non-porous and do not absorb water.

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