House facades from natural and artificial stone

Opinion: stone for facades and exterior decoration


Stone is an excellent building and decorative material for house facades and exterior finishes. Some natural stone types are more resistant to atmospheric impacts while others can be very sensitive to them. Granite, basalt, quartzite slabs are extremely durable and resistant to temperature changes. They are a great choice for architectural elements that are subject to constant weathering. 


Marble and travertine are often used for luxurious and stylish buildings in moderate and warm climates. These natural stones are softer and more brittle than granite. They are also more sensitive to freezing temperatures and weathering, and particularly sensitive to acids. Acidic liquids can corrode marble and travertine surfaces, causing them to change colour and become mottled.


Since atmospheric pollution and acid precipitation leave traces in all stones, natural stone facades need special maintenance in order to keep their perfect appearance. A good alternative to natural stone for facades is artificial stone. Artificial stone materials are non-porous and do not absorb water. Building facades clad in e.g. sintered stone or solid surface do not need to be impregnated. Such facades are easy to clean and simple to maintain in good condition. Their slabs are also thinner and lighter than natural stone slabs.


The hardest and most resistant artificial stone material that tolerates maximum wearing and extreme weather conditions is sintered stone. It is unique: you won't be able to damage a quality sintered stone surface by burning it or scratching it with a knife. Some sintered stone brands are paint-resistant, which means that graffiti can be easily wiped from them leaving no trace. Because of this quality, sintered panels are sometimes used to clad school facades. They also look modern and elegant. 

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