Kitchen worktops from natural stone and engineered materials

Opinion: material for kitchen worktops


Convenience is the key factor in the kitchen. The most convenient kitchen worktop is moisture-, stain-, heat-, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. It's not only important that the worktop is easy to clean, but also that it has low porosity and that spills don't leave stains. Otherwise the worktop will keep you busy dancing around it instead of just relaxing when at home. Worktop's is resistance to high temperatures is less important than low porosity, but also very desirable feature. If you have a heat resistant worktop, you can put hot pots on it, or at least not worry if this happens accidentally. The ideal kitchen worktop is non-scratch, so you can bruise along it with cutlery and plates, wipe with a harsh cloth, or quickly slice a loaf of bread when you need it. Another desirable characteristics of a kitchen worktop is that the edges don't chip if you accidentally knock a pot, pan or utensil around.


Artificial stone worktops are particularly convenient in the kitchen in all these respects. The hardest and most resistant materials for worktops are sintered stone and engineered quartz. Porcelain and solid surface are also great, however, the latter is much softer and scratches easily. Natural stone makes wonderful countertops, but will require special care in the kitchen. You're likely to become tired soon of watching after natural stone countertop if you install it in high traffic kitchen zones. You will need to impregnate it regularly and wipe every spill and splash as soon as it appears. 


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