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Opinion: material for reception desk


Choosing natural stone or engineered countertop material for fabricating of your company's reception desk has many advantages. These high quality surfaces can give your office a unique look. The reception desk from natural or artificial stone matching the floor, windowsills, wall details will upgrade the whole space interior, making it stand out. Not only will you enjoy the esthetical beauty of your office, but your visitors will also be impressed.


By choosing marble for your business reception, you will add a touch of classic luxury to the space. By choosing onyx and installing LED lights underneath, you can make your reception glow, which will create a cozy, relaxed mood. Onyx reception desks are popular in luxurious business centres, hotel lobbies, restaurants, casinos, bars. Quartzite receptions can also be translucent. Spectacular quartzite colours and patterns look stunning when the quartzite slab is backlit.


Your reception desk can also be fabricated from exotic gemstones. Gemstone slabs can be more or less translucent, depending on the type of precious stones they contain. Just imagine a translucent reception desk of blue agate, purple amethyst, pink quartzite. Red jasper, green amazonite, brown tiger's eye, fossilised wood receptions look dramatic too, even though these slabs do not transmit light. Most gemstone panels are hand made pieces of art.   


If you would rather like your business area to have a more reserved look, then granite, travertine or sandstone is a good choice for your reception desk. Granite reception is perfect for any high-traffic area. This natural stone is hard, durable, scratch-resistant and not too brittle. A granite reception desk will be resistant to wear and tear, and even suitable for outdoors. Granite slabs can come in fantastic colours and patterns. 


Travertine and sandstone receptions work well in reserved office spaces. These modest stone types particularly fit in large interiors that aim to convey concealed luxury. Travertine and sandstone receptions have a warm, cosy look. Like other natural stone products, travertine reception desks need to be impregnated. It is also advisable to seal the tiny travertine holes with a special filler. 


A practical alternative to a natural stone reception is a reception fabricated from artificial stone. Artificial stone reception desks are non-porous, resistant to water and staining, therefore easy to clean and maintain. Such surfaces do not need to be impregnated. Reception desks fabricated from just 12-20 mm thick engineered quartz slabs look fantastic. The cladding material can be even thinner. Reception desks clad with ultra-thin 6-10 mm thick sintered stone, porcelain and ceramic sheets look  modern and elegant.


The hardest and most scratch-resistant artificial stone material that tolerates maximum impact and traffic is sintered stone. The softest, but flexible and particularly suitable for irregularly shaped spaces is acrylic stone. Acrylic stone can be used to fabricate the most sophisticated reception desks - oval, round, wavy, curved - whatever form you can imagine. The reception desk from acrylic solid surface will be seamless, all its constituent parts will be joined with no visible marks. 

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