Stone counters for bars, restaurants and homes

Opinion: stone for bars and counters


For a club or restaurant bar counter, both natural and engineered stone will work, but engineered stone will be much more practical. The variety of patterns in artificial stone is immense, it is certainly possible to find almost identical patterns to natural stone. A bar counter with bold patterns will add drama to a space, while delicate stone patterns will create an impression of classic luxury and contribute to the overall style . 


In a club or restaurant, where water splashes from the sink and drinks are poured on the bar, it is important that the material from which the counter is fabricated has low porosity. A non-porous surface will not absorb moisture and will be easy to clean. Artificial stone has almost zero absorbency, so it makes a low-maintenance bar surface. Engineered quartz and porcelain are excellent materials for bar counters. Sintered stone is also non porous and will definitely make a practical choice.


Similar advice can be given for home bars. What happens if you choose marble for your home bar top? A marble bar top will immediately become stained with a drop of vinegar, wine, cider and other liquids, especially acidic ones. Fruit and juices should be kept away from marble surfaces. A marble bar will require a lot of your attention and time, therefore it is advisable to choose another material with similar patterns. If you still can't resist natural stone, granite or quartzite is a more practical choice than marble when it concerns bar countertops.


Whatever natural stone you choose for your bar, you'll need to use stone impregnators regularly to keep the surface looking great. Otherwise, natural stone will become stained very quickly. All stones are porous, which means that water can soak into them stay inside for a long time before evaporating. Once impregnated, stone surfaces become non-porous for some time, as the impregnator stays inside the pores not allowing water to soak in. Stone impregnators need to be applied regularly on natural stone surfaces, because they tend to wear away. Artificial stone surfaces, unlike natural stone, do not need to be impregnated.


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