Coffee and dining tables from stone

Opinion: material for coffee and dining tables


Both natural and artificial stone are perfect for making table tops of dining or coffee tables. The variety of stone patterns is immense, which makes it possible to experiment freely, creating unique interiors. A table topped with the stone of bright patterns will add drama to a space, while a stone with delicate patterns will add to classic look and contribute to the overall style of the locale. 


If you're choosing a material for your kitchen table, engineered stone will be more practical than natural stone. What is important in the kitchen is that table surfaces have low porosity, so that they absorb as little moisture as possible. This makes them easy to clean and look after. Artificial stone has almost zero absorbency. Artificial quartz and ceramic stone are excellent materials for the kitchen worktop surface too. Sintered stone is non-porous and therefore will be practical.


It would be different if you decide to choose marble as your kitchen table top. A marble surface will soon become stained with fruit or drops of vinegar, wine and other liquids, especially acidic ones. Marble in the kitchen will require a lot of your attention, effort and time, therefore it is advisable to choose another material with similar patterns for the table. If you insist on natural stone, granite or quartzite are more practical choices than marble.


Whatever natural stone you choose for your table top, you will need to impregnate the surface regularly to keep it looking good. Otherwise, any natural stone will become stained and mold may appear. All stones are porous and water will easily penetrate them. Once this happens, it stays in the pores for a while before evaporating. Impregnated stone surfaces will not let moisture to penetrate them for a while, but the impregnators tend to wear, and thus your countertop will need to be impregnated again and again. Artificial stone materials, unlike natural stone, do not need to be impregnated.


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