Stone windowsills and worktop extensions

Opinion: material for windowsills


Both natural and artificial stone is great material for fabricating windowsills. The variety of stone patterns is practically endless, so you can experiment and create unique room interiors with just the help of windowsills. Window sills are often underestimated as insignificant interior detail, and are often left white. With a bit of imagination, you can instantly see an untapped potential. Stylish window sills can brighten up any home, giving the space a unique aura and adding to the overall style. Just think how the sunset rays will slip romantically along the light marble veins in the evening! Equally, they can make the granite grains glow, or playfully get caught in a web of travertine pattern.


Windowsills and the space underneath them can be put to practical use, especially if you have a beautiful view outside your window. Turning a window sill into a minimalistic bedroom table makes it a nice place to sip a glass of wine, while turning it into an extension of the kitchen worktop makes it an extra workbench or a cozy bar top. Underneath the window sill, you can install a small bookshelf or a cabinet. A window sill is just the kind of interior element for which natural stone is perfect. Engineered quartz or porcelain window sills also look great. If you intend to use the window sill as a work desk, you'd rather choose acrylic solid surface for a pleasant room-temperature surface.

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