Natural stone

Who makes marble countertops in Lithuania
Where to order onyx bar panels
Who can make travertine stairs and terraces in Lithuania
Who can fabricate granite floor and worktops
Why sandstone is good for floors and terraces and where to order it in the Baltics
Basalt surfaces for your home interior and exterior can be fabricated in Lithuania
Quartzite furniture pieces and tabletops will make your home look luxurious and expensive
Furniture and walls can be covered with semi-precious stone slabs to look luxurious

Artificial stone

Solid surface countertops with integrated sinks are the best choice for bathrooms and saunas as they are water and mold resistant
Engineered quartz worktops look elegant and are very practical in kitchens
Very hard and scratch resistant sintered stone fits well for cladding outdoor barbecue tables and house facades

Akrilinio akmens apdirbėjai Gforma
Akrilinio akmens gamintojai corian
Kvarcinio akmens gamintojas Radianz
Akmens apdirbėjai Lietuvoje
Akrilinio akmens gamintojas Staron

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