stone surfaces for your home

Would you like to bring a new stone item into your home? Be it in the form of a kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity, decorative wall, stairs or fireplace surround, you may seek answers to these questions:

  • Which stone type to choose: natural or artificial?
  • Which material is more practical, which is more fashionable?
  • Who can fabricate and install your desired stone product for you?
  • How much will your project cost?

natural stone

Natural stone table from marble

Artificial stone

Artificial stone reception in business centre green hall II vilnius

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Baltic Stone can help you make the right decision


Find out about the latest hi-tech solid surface materials, newest colour palettes, and patterns available from the most advanced surface manufacturers. Our website contains information on natural and engineered stone products and their suppliers, as well as lists contacts of stone fabricators in Baltic Region. All you need to know about stone materials used in architectural or interior decoration is gathered together in one place.


Baltic Stone consultants help architects, interior designers and laymen home decorators who get lost among the variety of stone materials. This is especially true when entering the field of engineered solid surface products manufactured using the latest technological advancements. We are happy to assist everyone who has questions regarding stone materials for home decoration and big architectural projects. 


The map of stone fabricators includes contacts of Lithuanian companies who make natural and artificial stone kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, stairs, fireplace surrounds, as well as cover walls, floors and house facades in large-format stone panels. Whether you need a small stone windowsill or plan a giant architectural project, Lithuanian stone fabricators are ready to help.


BALTIC STONE consultants organize seminars about different types of natural stone and engineered surface materials for design/project firms, furniture producing companies, architects in Lithuania (meetings need to be pre-arranged).


Please fill in the form if you would like us to give a presentation about engineered stone materials to our partners


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Informacija šioje svetainėje skirta asmeniniam klientų naudojimui. Čia pateiktus aprašymus, straipsnius ir nuotraukas draudžiama naudoti ar platinti kitose svetainėse, žiniasklaidos priemonėse, skelbimuose ar kitur komerciniais ir nekomerciniais tikslais be Balticstone raštiško sutikimo. 

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