thinking about stone countertop?

Would you like to bring a beautiful stone item into your home? Be it in the form of a countertop, sink, wall, stairs, or fireplace decoration, you will inevitably seek answers to these questions:

  • Which stone type to choose: natural or engineered?
  • Which material is more practical, which is more fashionable?
  • Who can fabricate and install your desired stone product for you?
  • How much will your project cost?

natural stone

Who fabricates natural stone worktops in the Baltics

artificial stone

Where to order engineered stone countertop with integrated sink in Lithuania

Baltic Stone consultants work to make your decisions simple


Browsing for information on internet takes loads of time. Some people seek designers‘ or architects‘ advice, but even professionals can't always keep apace with constantly changing trends and stone materials' advancements.


Baltic Stone website is designed to assist everyone who has questions about stone for home decoration. We hope that here you can find a lot of useful information:

Akrilinio akmens apdirbėjai Gforma
Akrilinio akmens gamintojai corian
Kvarcinio akmens gamintojas Radianz
Akmens apdirbėjai Lietuvoje
Akrilinio akmens gamintojas Staron

Informacija šioje svetainėje skirta asmeniniam klientų naudojimui. Čia pateiktus aprašymus, straipsnius ir nuotraukas draudžiama naudoti ar platinti kitose svetainėse, žiniasklaidos priemonėse, skelbimuose ar kitur komerciniais ir nekomerciniais tikslais be Balticstone raštiško sutikimo.