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Opinion: Stone for business receptions


For the company's reception area or other representative furniture, you can confidently choose natural or engineered stone. These materials will transform the company's space into something exceptional. And if the stone surface used for the reception desk matches the room's floors, window surrounds, door frames, or wall details, your office interior will look even more impressive. In such an office, hotel, or business center, not only will you and your employees enjoy the beauty, but you'll also surprise visiting guests.


A reception desk made of natural stone will lend the company space a classic luxury. Marble is often used by interior designers for luxurious representative furniture. The variety of marble colors and subtle vein patterns make it easy to understand why. The serene light marble brings elegance and lightness to the office or hotel, while the dark marble patterns exude solidity and seriousness.


Opting for onyx for your company's reception area will earn you many compliments and admiring glances from visitors. Onyx's translucency is a distinctive feature, especially favored by architects creating luxurious interiors. By installing LED strips or other lighting inside the reception desk, you can make the entire piece glow with just the flick of a light switch. Onyx reception desks can be seen in luxurious business centers, hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, and casinos. Quartzite, another precious stone, also transmits light and its impressive colors are highlighted when the reception area is illuminated from within.


And what about exotic gemstones! Depending on the type of stone, exotic slabs are also often translucent. Imagine a reception desk made of translucent blue agate, violet amethyst, or pink quartz in a luxury hotel, restaurant, or casino. Non-translucent red jasper, green amazonite, or orange tiger eye stone receptions also make a dramatic statement. Each of these panels is a nature-created masterpiece, a unique work of art that can adorn your business establishment and elevate it in the eyes of clients.


If you'd rather like your business area to have a more reserved look, then granite is a good choice for your reception desk. Granite is perfect for places where large crowds gather and there is intense traffic. Granite is resistant to scratching, abrasion, and does not chip easily. Granite reception desks are hard and durable. They even withstand temperature changes, which makes them suitable not only indoors but also outdoors. Granite slabs can come in fantastic colors and patterns. 


Two other types of stone, travertine and sandstone, also perfectly complement large office and business center spaces, as well as architectural studios. These stones are suitable for interiors where simplicity and understated luxury are sought. Travertine and sandstone receptions look warm and cozy. Like other stone products, travertine reception desks need to be impregnated. It is also advisable to seal natural travertine cavities with a special filler. Due to their sensitivity and porosity, all natural stone surfaces should only be cleaned with products intended for stone.


An excellent alternative to natural stone receptions is representative furniture made of artificial stone. Receptions made from artificial stone are highly practical and low maintensnce. Artificial stone is non-absorbent and tolerates many common cleaning agents. The surfaces of such receptions can be quickly and easily cleaned, and retain their good look for years, even in high-traffic areas.


Reception desks made from 12-20 mm thick engineered quartz look fantastic. The hardest and most durable engineered stone material capable of withstanding maximum friction and use is sintered stone. Reception desks clad with thin 6-10 mm thick sintered stone or ceramic sheets look modern and elegant. All types of artificial stone are non-porous and do not absorb water, therefore such receptions do not need to be impregnated.


A particularly convenient artificial stone material for irregular, angular, curved, or other types of office spaces is acrylic solid surface. It is softer and more scratch-resistant than other engineered stone materials but has many excellent, simply irreplaceable properties. Solid surface slabs can become flexible at a certain heat point during fabrication process, so they are used to create the most unusual reception shapes - oval, round, wavy, twisted, or whatever you can imagine. Solid surface can be translucent, with some panels replicating onyx or other stone patterns. Lighting can be installed under such translucent panels to achieve various visual effects.


Acrylic solid surface reception can resemble an elegant work of art, but at the same time have all the functional advantages of furniture. The entire reception and all its constituent parts can be made of solid surface - shelves, drawers, cabinet fronts. LED lighting, phone chargers, and office control panels can be integrated into it. Such a reception looks seamless, no visible joints can be detected. The whole piece looks as if carved out from a single lump of material.

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