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Opinion: furniture with stone details


When designing a console, dresser, or cabinet, opting for a natural stone top will instantly elevate the piece into something exceptional. By incorporating a marble or quartzite detail into your furniture, you'll create a truly distinctive look. If that detail complements the stone fireplace, flooring, windowsills, or walls in your home, your interior design will become truly unique. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of your home, but you'll also impress any visitors who come your way.


Opting for marble on furniture surfaces adds a touch of classical luxury to your space. Marble furniture in the living room or bedroom won't demand as much maintenance as marble stairs or a marble kitchen countertop. In home areas away from the kitchen, marble's susceptibility to acids and its absorbency are less of a concern. Here, using marble is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Light marble accents bring elegance and airiness to the space, while darker marble patterns exude serenity and classic aesthetics.


If you adorn your furniture with a translucent onyx top and install LED strips or other lighting beneath it, the furniture will glow in the dark. By incorporating onyx sides, the entire piece becomes a magnificent lamp. Onyx shares similar properties with marble, though it's slightly more delicate and softer. Onyx furniture can often be found in the lobbies of luxurious business centers, hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars.


Some luxurious quartzite slabs can also transmit light. However, not all quartzite slabs are equally clear; some are not translucentat all. Pure quartzite is made of quartz particles and is white, but it often surprises with unusual colors and patterns resulting from other mineral impurities. With quartzite, you can create stunning furniture pieces. Colorful quartzite tops evoke an Eastern fairy tale. A quartzite cabinet top can be pink, orange, or green. Sometimes, the surface of a quartzite piece resembles a slice of transparent jelly cake. The beauty and aesthetics of this stone are hard to resist, despite its impressive price tag. 


And then, there are exotic gemstones! Gemstone tops can also be more or less translucent, depending on the type of stones they are made up of. Just imagine your furniture tops made of translucent blue agate, violet amethyst, or pink quartz. Non-translucent red jasper, green amazonite, or orange tiger's eye furniture creates a dramatic effect. Each gemstone furniture top is a natural artwork, a unique piece of art. Gemstone furniture is more expensive than furniture made of other stones, but it's truly distinctive.


If luxury isn't your cup of tea and you prefer modesty, you can embellish your furniture with granite. Granite topped furniture is also perfect for any public space where many people like to gather. Granite is resistant to scratching, chipping, and abrasion. You can create a home grill or even a workshop bench from it. Granite surfaces are hard and durable, resistant to temperature changes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Granite comes in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can choose truly exceptional granite slabs for your furniture details.


Two more types of natural stone that blend perfectly with many interior styles are travertine and sandstone. Furniture adorned with these stones is particularly suitable where modesty and discreet luxury are sought. Surfaces of travertine and sandstone have a warm and cosy look, they are pleasant to touch. Like other natural stone surfaces, travertine furniture surfaces need to be impregnated. It is also advisable to seal natural travertine holes with a special filler.


No matter which natural stone you choose to enhance your furniture, to maintain its flawless appearance, you'll need to regularly impregnate it. Unprotected natural stone surfaces can lose their fresh look over time due to constant finger contact and friction, leading to color changes and stains. All natural stones are porous, allowing liquids to seep in along with dust and other dirt from the surface. Impregnating the stone makes it resistant to moisture and stains, and it needs to be done regularly.


An excellent alternative to natural stone details is furniture surfaces made of artificial stone. Such furniture is resistant to water, soaps, and shampoos, making it suitable for bathrooms or showers. Artificial stone furniture is convenient for terraces, balconies, and outdoor use. All types of artificial stone are non-porous or and do not absorb water. They do not require impregnation, are easy to clean, and are low maintenance.


Furniture clad with thin sheets of artificial stone suits modern, minimalist styles. Such furniture is lighter than pieces adorned with natural stone because engineered stone slabs are thinner. Console and cabinet surfaces can be topped with engineered quartz. Kitchen cabinet doors can be covered with sheets of sintered stone or ceramic and porcelain as thin as 3-6 mm. A furniture top made of high-quality engineered quartz, ceramic, or sintered stone may be indistinguishable from real stone at first glance. Therefore you can confidently consider this lighter and relatively cheaper option.


The hardest and most durable artificial stone material is sintered stone. The softest but flexible and particularly convenient for creating irregularly shaped furniture is acrylic solid surface. One can create the most unusual furniture pieces from it. Solid surface can be used to make furniture doors, drawers, shelves. It is easy to integrate phone chargers, lighting, and home control panels into solid surface furniture. No matter how big or angular, the final furniture item from acrylic solid surface will be seamless, all its constituent parts will be joined with no visible marks.

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