worktops for dental Clinics, laboratories and medical institutions

Opinion: hygienic materials for dental clinics, laboratories and medical institutions


For medical facility countertops, sinks, and laboratory furniture, acrylic solid surface is simply indispensable. Well-known brands of acrylic solid surface (e.g., Corian, Staron, Meganite, Grandex) meet EU requirements and have necessary hygiene certifications, making them widely used in medical institutions, dental clinics, and wellness centers.


Why are acrylic solid surface products so practical and suitable for healthcare-related spaces? Firstly, it's the minimal porosity of this material. Acrylic solid surface is non-porous, so its porosity is practically zero. This means that if you spill water or any colored liquids on a certified acrylic solid surface workstation, you can easily clean all dirt with simple dishwashing detergents. Not a drop will be absorbed into the worktop surface. Even leaving stains on a white acrylic solid surface worktop and wiping them off with soapy water after a few days will leave no marks. Such a countertop is very practical.


Another excellent feature of acrylic solid surface is that it doesn't catch mold, absorb odors, or harbor fungal spores and bacteria. Why is this so? The first part of the answer has been mentioned - acrylic solid surface is non-porous, so there is no place for any harmful elements to settle and thrive on its surface. Second, products made from acrylic solid surface are completely seamless: no matter the size of the furniture, all its parts are firmly joined without the slightest gap, without any seams or marks. Not even microscopic gaps are left for dirt to accumulate, and at the same time, there are no convenient hiding places for microorganisms.


These material properties greatly simplify the cleaning and maintenance of medical furniture made from acrylic stone. Such material is especially practical where sterile cleanliness is constantly required. Another feature of acrylic solid surface, which makes it popular in dental clinics, hospitals, and polyclinics, is that furniture made from it does not emit chemical compounds into the environment. Even highly allergic individuals can have such furniture in their environment.


And yet another wonderful feature of acrylic solid surface is its flexibility and ability to acquire any form. Due to this unique feature, products made from solid surface can be easily adapted even in the most complex architectural spaces, and they can be made into surfaces and objects of any shape. High-temperature forming (thermo-forming) is used to shape acrylic solid surface sheets into furniture, worktables, surgical and other sinks tailored to the needs and parameters of medical institutions.


All constituent parts of a solid surface product are integrated with each other without any gaps or seams. More and more surgery rooms are being equipped with sinks and tables made of acrylic solid surface. Not only sinks can be integrated into medical solid surface workstops, but also storage compartments for tools, scrub stations, showers, waste drawers, trash bins, and other necessary elements. The hygiene of acrylic solid surface products is equivalent to the hygiene of stainless steel.

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