home accessories from natural and engineered stone

Opinion: home accessories from stone


Have you ever thought about incorporating beautiful interior accessories made of natural stone? If you integrate marble, quartzite, travertine, or granite details on walls, niches, or furniture, you'll definitely elevate your interior to something exceptional. And if these stone accessories complement elements like a stone fireplace, floors, doorways, countertops, the interior becomes even more unique. With a home like this, you'll enjoy the aesthetics and impress your guests.


Opting for marble for interior details adds a touch of classical luxury to space. Whether it's a marble lamp base, shelf, or wall niche trim, these marble accents in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen require minimal maintenance yet make a significant aesthetic difference. Marble candle holders beautifully adorn indoor spaces, while a marble cube with a cushion can create a cozy spot on a terrace or balcony. Using marble in interior decor not only looks beautiful but also serves a practical purpose.


Concealing a regular light bulb beneath an onyx shade can create a cozy glow in the evenings, highlighting the stone's patterns. Installing LED strips behind onyx-trimmed wall niches can cleverly turn them into night lights. Onyx interior details are commonly found in luxurious business centers, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and bars. Quartzite, another light-transmitting stone, with its impressive colors, can also create stunning effects when backlit.


And what about exotic gemstones! Exotic slabs, depending on the types of stones they're made of, are often more or less translucent. Imagine translucent blue agate, violet amethyst, or pink quartz interior details. Non-translucent options like red jasper, green amazonite, or brown-orange tiger eye accessories can also create a dramatic effect. Each of these items is a unique work of art.


If you prefer modest home decorations and accessories, then granite can be your stone. Though granite sometimes comes in truly spectacular patterns, but most pieces look modest when compared to gemstone. Travertine and sandstone are the types of stone that also fit well in reserved interiors. These stones are particularly suitable where understated, discreet luxury is desired. Both travertine and sandstone accessories have a warm, cosy look. 


A great alternative to natural stone is home accessories made of artificial stone. Such interior details are waterproof, making them suitable for bathrooms, outdoor areas, and balconies. Artificial stone can be used to create a comfortable terrace or balcony box, outdoor cabinet, or practical substitutes for conventional furniture tops. Artificial stone details are easy to clean and can withstand rain or humidity.



The artificial stone type that is particularly suitable for creating interior items and details is acrylic solid surface. It's flexible, so items made from it often resemble sculptures. Solid surface is convenient for small, angular, oval-shaped, or irregularly shaped spaces, as the item's form can be fully customized to the space without cluttering it. Solid surface details can mimic the architectural forms of the room. You can create the most unusual interior details from solid surface, such as impressive lamps, lamp stands, elegant chandeliers, mirror bases, artistic flower vases and pots.


Acrylic stone is a great material for making kitchen and bathroom furniture plinths as it is moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Kitchen sink covers, cutting boards, sliding kitchen wall panels above the countertop, niche doors, and other practical items can be made from solid surface. Room dividers and radiator shields made from thin sheets of acrylic stone look beautiful and are practical as they are water-resistant, and retain their shape even when exposed to moisture or temperature differences. Artificial stone of all kinds is more practical for everyday use than natural stone.

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