what is acrylic stone made of and what are its properties?


Acrylic stone, also called solid surface, is made of approx. 2/3 natural stone particles and 1/3 acrylic resin mass, adding some color pigment. What comes out is the highest quality non-porous material, popular not only for its beauty and durability, but also for the practicality. Solid surface can be thermo-formed by masters at very high temperatures (in a certain furnace). Hi-tech solid surface countertops are virtually non-porous, therefore resistant to mold, rot and staining. Bacteria and fungal spores do not penetrate into this long-life material. Even very old acrylic countertops can be renewed very quickly. If the surface no longer shines after ten or twenty years, it is enough to polish the product, and it will look new as if it had just been made. 



Have you just poured some red wine on your solid surface worktop? Don't worry! Even if you stain your white tabletop with beetroot juice or even ink, you can easily clean it with a simple cloth. For very persistent stains some dishwashing detergent will do. Carrot juice has been spilled on your white worktop and nobody wiped it for a few days? You will not have problems cleaning it later. For this simple reason acrylic stone worktops are not only valued in kitchens, but also in public places, such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, clinics, health resorts.



Solid surface slabs have the ability of thermo-forming. That means, when the slab is subjected to high temperature, it can be bent and formed by craftsmen into a desired shape. Why flex and bend it? Just to make your sink round as a bowl or cone out of a flat slab. Your sink can be integrated into your bathroom vanity without any seams to make it one piece. You can also have semi-circle legs for your table if you so desire. Thermo-forming makes it possible to fabricate from solid surface winding railings, deep or shallow bathtubs, giant domes, intricately shaped altars or sculpture-like receptions. Solid surface furniture looks elegant and light.



Solid really means solid. The acrylic stone furniture will always be one-piece unless you wish otherwise. No matter the size of the product, all its parts can be firmly joined together without the slightest gap. The joining seam most often will be invisible (depending on chosen actual sample pattern). Big furniture pieces can be transported separately and joined into the final product at the place. Seamless furniture is very practical, and the overall look is great. Such pieces are easy to clean, they have no gaps for accumulating dust or dirt. 



Because acrylic stone does not emit chemical compounds into the environment, even people with allergies can have such furniture at home. Due to this feature, acrylic stone countertops are popular in medical institutions, such as dental clinics, hospitals, health clinics. Surgical rooms often have special solid surface sinks where surgeons wash their hands before operations, and special worktops in aseptic rooms made of acrylic stone.



Damaged solid surface pieces can be easily repaired so that no previous damage sign remains. You probably wonder what would happen if a block of cement falls on your countertop and cracks it? When a good professional repairs it, you might not see the marks even with a magnifying glass.



It is enough to wipe the solid surface countertop regularly with warm and soapy water to keep it clean and fresh. (Please see the beginning of the article: non-porous, mold-resistant). You should avoid abrasive cleaning pastes and brushes. That's it.



Because solid surface contains acrylic resins, hot pans and pots, especially flat bottoms, should not be placed directly on such worktops. When cutting products, you should use a cutting board instead of cutting on a worktop. Although hard and strong, this material can be scratched or damaged with a sharp object. If this happens, don't worry - it can be polished by a professional to leave no mark.


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