Slate is one of the world's oldest natural rocks, divided into thin layers and plates. Slate products are characterised by an uneven, layered texture and earthy colours such as black, grey, greenish and pink. Slate is a relatively lightweight, moisture-resistant and harsh-climate resistant rock, which is particularly suitable for roofing and cladding of buildings of all kinds. Its tiles and roofing and façade cladding are considered to be among the strongest and most durable natural stone products.

There are two groups of shales: sedimentary and crystalline (metamorphic). Depending on the slate's rust, there are different possibilities for using slate products in the interior or exterior of buildings (for tiles or roofing and facades). The quality and properties of slate depend on its constituent materials. The lower the iron and calcite impurities, the more resistant slate products are to moisture and low temperatures. Slate tiles are used for flooring and wall cladding. Their convex texture adds originality to the interior. Slate tiles breathe and maintain a comfortable ambient temperature. They are non-slip and therefore particularly suitable for floors. Their unique texture makes them a pleasure to walk on barefoot. 


Closer to the surface, where temperatures and pressures are lower, weathering processes take place and sedimentary rock formations are formed. As the rocks decompose, sediments accumulate from fine minerals in rivers, seas and oceans. The sedimentary particles form layers of sand, clay, chalk and other formations. Over many thousands or even millions of years, sedimentary rocks sink as the Earth's crust moves. The further away they go, the higher the temperature and the greater the pressure on them. As conditions change, new rock starts to form - clays turn into shale. 


properties of sLATE

  1. Splits in layers
  2. Resistant to environmental factors (acids, corrosion)
  3. Resistant to abrasion
  4. Resistant to scratching
  5. Fire resistant
  6. Resistant to temperature changes
  7. Tensile and compressive resistant
  8. Suitable for outdoor projects
  9. Mohs hardness 6.
  10. Relatively low cost
  11. No need for sealing.


Slate stone wall

Slate is used for



Wall cladding






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