Onyx is a precious stone whose colours change in layers revealing its internal structure and creating a real drama. This stone has the same composition as agate, but its pattern is different:  onyx internal lines look like waves while agate lines are circular. This impressive decorative stone is great for those who want to create a cozy and special atmosphere at home, in the office or in public spaces.

Because of its natural translucency and dramatic colours, onyx walls and counters look even more impressive when backlit by artificial light sources. This property to backlit is often the main reason why onyx is chosen by designers for interior decoration over other materials. It can be creatively used to make partition walls, furniture side panels and tops, bathroom vanities, window sills, stairs. However, onyx is quite fragile, and therefore needs more care than other decorative stones. It is necessary to protect onyx surfaces from mechanical damage and changes of temperature. This stone is not used for exterior decoration.


onyx properties

  1. Translucent
  2. Medium hard (Mohs 6-7)
  3. Relatively fragile
  4. Sensitive to scratching
  5. Sensitive to temperatures
  6. Porous – will stain
  7. Cozy
  8. Requires sealing every 12-24 months

onyx is used for


Decorative walls

Backlit and translucent walls

Table tops and furniture tops

Kitchen countertops

Window sills

Interior accents

Fireplace surrounds






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